Make Balanced Decisions

Your best front-line workers get "promoted" to the worst job; scheduling manager - now dealing with labor laws, call-outs, and worker shortages. Predelo helps them make balanced decisions.

Automate "What-If"

Weather, traffic, local events, public holidays, seasonality, school calendar, advertising campaigns, and more. Predelo observes & automates hundreds of factors daily.

Know Why

Why do some locations crush their sales plan with less labor? Do schedulers actually make consistent & optimized scheduling decisions? Predelo insights go beyond charts and graphs, identifying root causes for good and poor labor performance so you know who and what to coach.

Align Corporate with the Field

Had enough of juggling complex spreadsheets and labor models that fail to account for the unique challenges at the ground level? With Predelo, experience an ever-evolving standard for operations.

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Predelo Predictive Automations


Seamlessly fuel the Prediction & Optimization Engine with data from your common SaaS systems and spreadsheets in just one click. We scrub and fix missing/bad data and then maintain the integrations for you.


Predelo's forecasting engine factors in common demand drivers (sales, traffic, transactions) for each of your locations separately using tens of algorithms. But it also learns from your whole business to make sure our predictions are always spot-on, even in unusual situations.


We learn a treasure trove of insights about your business. And believe in sharing. Run workforce & supply chain annual and quarterly planning using Predelo - perform scenario planning, backtest results, and pick a unique plan built around your goals.


Apply the plan that makes sense. Predelo will auto-allocate payroll & labor budgets, assign labor hour pools, create schedules, and stagger breaks. Post-publish monitoring correlates schedule changes, call-outs, and other factors that cause variances between the plan and the actual to improve the next schedule.


Push the plan into your Workforce Management tool. Leave the complex automation and spreadsheet wrestling to us. But most importantly, sit back, relax, and watch the plan gets executed smoothly.